Pistachio is one of the most popular nuts in Iran and all around the world. The varieties of pistachio cultivated in Iran belong to the domestic species with the scientific name of Pistacia Vera. Iran has more than 70 cultivars and genotypes of female pistachios and a large number of male genotypes. The most famous types of pistachios in Iran are Kalle Ghoochi, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, and Fandoghi.

Different varieties of Iranian pistachios based on shape:

Round: The shape of the fruit is spherical and the degree of openness of the shell – called the smile of the pistachio – is very high. The surface color of the kernel is purple and the color of the skin is cream. Right now, about half of all pistachios are considered round pistachios.

Jumbo: Its fruit is hazelnut-shape and has a medium smile percentage. Its kernel has red-gray core color and its skin has bone-white color with medium opacity.

Long: The shape of an elongated rectangular fruit (almond) with a high degree of openness of the shell. The color of its core is purple and the color of the bone skin is very light.

*Fandoghi cultivar is classified in the round group. Ahmad Aghaei cultivar is classified in the long group, Kalle Ghoochi is in the Jumbo group, and Akbari is considered a long pistachio type.



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